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Books are the most portable past time you can go on an adventure, fall in love, and save the world. The best kind of story is those that linger in your head days after you've finished the book. And that's what reading is for me the search for the next book that lingers in my head.

Superman Earth One HC (Superman Limited Gns (DC Comics R))

Superman: Earth One - Shane Davis, J. Michael Straczynski Since I was a young wiper-snapper I have been a fan of the Superman comics. I love all the different avenues Clark’s story has taken over the years “Doomsday: The Death Of Superman” was my favorite arc. The art on the cover was sick (meaning good) and the story of the man of steel dying to save us though admirable Superman actually dying just was beyond comprehension which was it made such a good premise.So when I came across Earth One I was very intrigued of all the origin stories and parallel plots lines. This one wasn’t my favorite. The cover art was beautiful and promised so much. Earth One begins with Clark trying to “find himself” off in the big city of Metropolis. He was grappling with demons from his past recalling how it felt not fitting in, feeling like a freak etc.. you know the usual growing pains but with the added twist super powers. Now here’s the part I didn’t like–in the original comics Clark goes out of his way not to stand out. But in this version when Clark goes to audition for a spot on football team. He more than stands out–he displays herculean strength and speed like Flash. What was most unnerving was the image of Clark carrying a fellow player twice his size, like it was nothing. Same deal when he tries out for the baseball team he’s extraordinary, as with Clark’s interview for the post of a researcher. I was beside myself, hello! That’s a big part of the mystique of Superman blending in despite being so capable. First strike.The second strike came with the premise the villain and his backstory and the destruction of Krypton was weak. I was expecting….to tell the truth I don’t know what I was expecting anything but not that lukewarm arc. After his brain is hijack by a shard of his ship which proceed to download his entire planet’s history while rebuilding itself. That was a little too convenient that was the was strike three. I think for me Earth One was too far from the Superman formula I know that I just couldn’t get pass the differences. Earth One wasn’t the best origin story but it wasn’t the worst. The art I loved, the plot though I found it weak it was entertaining, emo Clark takes getting use to. I gave Superman: Earth One a three out five. I recommend for all ages and it you’re curious check out your local library.

Please Look after Mom

Please Look After Mom - Shin Kyung-sook, 신경숙, Kim Chi-Young Please Look After Mom has been on my TBR pile for a while and one day browsing through the library shelves I spotted a copy. And thought this must be fate, so you know the rest. I wasn’t sure what to expect I had never read a book written by a Korean writer before. But I have watched a lot of good Korean dramas and they had really good writing. So I wasn’t disappointed–the writing showed the portrait of a family. Once close that had drifted apart as the now grown up children struggle with careers and adult responsibilities that took precedent to honoring and paying closer attention to their aging parents. Which leads to their mother’s disappearance.Told in different voices allows each of the children, husband, and finally the mother herself–to share their own experience of her disappearance. And the memories it recalls of their own life before their mother went missing. As they begin to realize their complacency is the cause of this event in the first place. Please Look After Mom is a touching story about the sacrifices a Korean mother makes for her children. And the lack of appreciation her kids showed for those sacrifices, because at the heart they are embarrassed of their illiterate mother. Never realizing all she had endured for them until she goes missing. A light is shone on the cracks in the family’s life as truths are revealed.The pace of Please Look After Mom reminds me of a symphony somber, slow with poignant moments that is sad but sparks reflection. The bitter sweet moments balance the scales and keeps the story dancing on that fine line between heartbreaking and uplifting. As each character goes through a metamorphosis. I throughly enjoyed this book and took my time reading it because a book like this demanded. For the eloquent writing style, the flawed and well rounded characters, the plot I gave Please Look After Mom a 4/5. This book I recommend for fans of realistic fiction for example If I stay by Gayle Forman, for you will get the most out of the experience.4/5

I'm Not a Plastic Bag

I'm Not a Plastic Bag - Rachel Hope Allison The environment is one of those hot button global issues that illicit negative or positive responses depending on which side of the fence you talk to. Yes, its a major concern but the problem most people think the damage will not be felt in their lifetime. So why bother ? Let the next generation deal with it. And the so called "tree huggers" can leave them alone. That is the reaction most people still have -- believe it or not. So educators have to get creative to spread the word about the damage of pollution in way that doesn't feel like propaganda being shoved down their throat. And its mediums like books, movies that are part of environmentalist tool-belt. Rachel wrote and illustrates the story of a Pacific Garbage Patch.He is lonely, the story is cute and sad. Every one needs love right even Pacific Garbage Patch. Rachel does a great job of embodying the Pacific Garbage Patch with a personality. You can't help but feel for him. I'm not a plastic Bag was written by Rachel Hope Allison who partner up with Jeff Corwin Connect and the Ocean Conservancy, Jeff Corwin he's a marine biologist. He's been a champion for the environment and has appeared on the talk show circuit discussing the impact of man on the animals and planet. I love the fact that this book was made with recycled materials. I don't think books like these that spread a message to impart wisdom should be rate but this is a blog that reviews book. So if pressed I would give I'm not a Plastic Bag 4/5.

Fury's Kiss (Dorina Basarab Series #3)

Fury's Kiss (Dorina Basarab Series #3) - Fury’s Kiss is the third book in the Dorina Basarab series. I’m a big fan of urban fantasy because they have a healthy pace, usually. And lots of action and running for your life scenarios. Where to begin there was so much to love, like, knit your brows at. Should I talk about the romance between Dory and Louis-Ceasare. The push and pull attraction Dory’s been trying to pretend she doesn’t feel. More accurately she thinks she doesn’t deserve. Any one with eyes can see Dory is crazy about Louis-Ceasare. Or the story behind Micera and Dory’s estrangement. I like that writer Chance finally decided to address this topic. And pull back the curtain on the relationship between Mircea and Dory, because I’ve wondered from time to time were they always like that. And if not what had he done to drive that wedge so deep that Dory didn’t trust him. Aside from the seemingly unrelated mini story arcs spread out throughout the book that on their own were separate random pieces of a puzzle that once put together formed a complete picture. That made the reader–me, scratch my head at some points.I liked that writer Chance gets more into to the relationships in Dory’s life including Dorina, the dhampir. There are so many directions for the story to go. I like that Dory is becoming more developed as a character and stronger I just wish she would be less self deprecating. I’m so excited I’m afraid I will tell you too many details. I will tell you this reading I thought I figured out the villain’s identity since there were quite a few suspects to choose from. But I wasn’t even close. The twist and turns really do unbalance you so that the ending is a total surprise. After I had to take a break–to you know sleep. The whole time I had Dorina on the brain did she get out of whatever mess she was in? That my friend is the mark of a good book.My only gripe was the constant self deprecating thing Dorina had going on after a while it was annoying but not enough to kill the book just enough you notice it. And the sex scene between Dorina and Louis-Cesare was drawn out all the teasing I was over it. I wanted to get back to the action. There are a few arcs that the book could have done without Salvo for one, and the zombie vamps it didn’t hurt the story, but Fury’s Kiss wouldn’t have suffered from the omission. As a whole I like most of the plot lines. Lately I’ve have kinda fallen off with many of my staple Urban fantasy series. Either they were getting stale or ended, which bummed me out because Urban Fantasy is my baby (though I read other genres). Dory has rekindled my love affair with the genre. So I gave Fury’s Kiss a 4/5. Being that this is adult fiction I recommend this book for adults and a no no for kiddies under the age of 18. Because there is rough language, sexual situations graphic in details. And has an feel all around.

Level 2 (Memory Chronicles)

Level 2 - Lenore Appelhans Three levels. Two loves. One choice. And the place that exists between our world (Level 1) and what comes after life (Level 2). This is the concept behind Debut novelist Lenore Appelhans new series the Memory Chronicles. Level 2 is the first book it was..... promising? Level 2 was really good. I know why I sound surprised but that's not my intention because many is the case when vetting a debut author's first novel it can go either way.What has me falling in love with writer Appelhans's writing is how thoroughly developed the world of Level 2 was -- a world of hives and plug in humans, security drones. The Blockbuster movie concept of renting other people's memories was an original twist I hadn't encountered before. Even the way Felicia's character is slowly revealed to us in her memories. We get both perspectives of Felicia's life in Level 1 through her memories. That are rich and full the reader experiences it as Felicia did without getting that flashback feeling. Yet the contrast between her memories which are alive with color verses life in level 2 which is stark white and antiseptic.I liked the relationship between Felicia and Julian it comes across more real than Felicia and Neil, but that's just me. The characters were interesting. And the memories were the best part of the story for me. Level 2 had a nice flow I started reading in the late afternoon and finished the next day. That's always a plus as far as I'm concerned. What I liked about Level 2 aside from the writing was the unspoken intrigued that lingered in the background hinting as much in Felicia's distrust of Julian, the Morati, the prisoners hooked on their memories like junkies. And I keep getting this bad feeling that somehow Neil figures into this maybe as a bad guy in the next book.What left a bad taste in my mouth was the character of Neil after awhile the constant association be it memory or just Felicia mentioning Neil's name. I felt like Felicia romanticized him to the point he was too good to be true. After all our memories can be influenced and even distorted such is the nature of the human mind. She's dead and the thought of Neil helped passes the time. So when he shows up in Level 2 I don't know what I expected. I can't help but feel somehow this is going to bite Felicia in the butt in Book 2. Level 2 was nicely written, with a good flow and promising plot lines for book 2. Aside from that I'm in love with Lenore's writing so I gave Level 2 a 4/5. 4/5

Sweet Shadows (Sweet Venom Series #2)

Sweet Shadows - Tera Lynn Childs Sweet shadows is the second book in the Medusa Girls series. My first impression I liked this book better than the first (I didn’t write a review for Sweet Venom if you’re curious). If you are a regular visitor to Sony the Book Lover, then you know I’m a professed cover junkie. And nine times out ten I’ve picked up a book for that reason. Sometimes its a hit others a miss. Such is the case with Sweet Shadows nice story, well written.The Medusa myth is given a revamp–so score for creativity, the world is inhabited with many mythical creatures that are up to no go–so score again there for conflict and drama. The sisterly bond between the girls and sibling head butting was realistic and I loved three person p.o.v. New characters and a new environment to explore. The doomsday prophecy as the end game keeps the reader interested in the series if not to know if the girls live or die at the of the series. Like I said there’re elements that appeal but in my case they weren’t enough. Sweet Shadow hit a flat note for me.I’ll tell you why I expected more action considering the beginning started with a literal bang. Promising action packed intrigue. Instead what I got was anything but. I was hoping this theme would continue but instead I was disappointed by all the down time and narration. But when the action happens I am turning pages like mad. I just wanted that feeling to be continuous through out the book. That was the black eye that decided the the rating. I liked the twist on the Medusa myth I think I like this version best considering how tragic Medusa’s story was. Sweet Shadows in my opinion could have used more tweaking the girls are helpless and every time they reached out for help comically that door closed in their faces. I found myself playing who will disappear next.Still the question marks at the end had me curious. Like what’s the deal with Thane? Will he and Geer hook up? Who is the mystery woman Geer meets in the alley? So yeah writer Childs didn’t completely loose me but honestly as for Sweet shadows I gave it a 3.5 /5 and hope book 3 three hits all the right notes. Wish-list the girls become more sure of themselves and their powers. Learn how to use them properly,and for the love of all things holy give them a source the can get real answers. (Not the cryptic musing of the oracle that only works if the were knowledgeable about the Greek world) An ancient text or hell medusa’s journal, something. More action less in your head narration. Define the roles of the men in the girl’s lives at the moment I trust none of them including unassuming Milo. Address these and book 3 is gold. 3.5 / 5

The Unnaturalists

The Unnaturalists - Tiffany Trent New London’s whole world their mythology is based on science and magic. Tinkers (the outcasts of new london) build the machines and magic–myth (a source of dubious origins) to be more precise powers them. New Londoners worship in the church of science and their saints you may recognize as some history’s most influential and famous scientists. Such as Saint Tesla, Newton and Madame Currie. The setting has a steampunk vibe and its colors are diluted. The smoke colored myth fueling the machines leaves the world overcast. I imagined this world is like peeping through a peep hole in dimly lit alleyway. The Unnaturalists is like nothing I’ve read so far the concept is an original take on steampunk. I’m new to the steampunk genre and so far I haven’t read a book that I didn’t like.Had a nice pace there was magic fights, a botched love spell, there are some twists and a few turns, some ugly revelations. A world-and a way of life on the brink of destruction. And of course there’s only one person to save it and everyone in it. Good reasons to like The Unnaturalists but there were blemishes as well for instance Vespa (love the name its so unique) was on the positive side brave, smart, independent and took the initiative. I like the the fact that she didn’t wait around pining for Hal to kiss her but instead she took the initiative and kissed him first. For this reason I had a love hate relationship with Vespa on one hand I thought she had a stick up her bum most evident when Syrus comes to warn her she was in danger at great risk to himself. Then she surprises me by kissing Hal instead of waiting for him to make the first move. She is a layered character not one stuck in three gears. On the negative side Vespa was stubborn to the point it was annoying Syrus risks his own life to warn Vespa that her life was in danger, and what does Vespa do she sounds the alarm on him, thankfully he gets away. His warning turns out to be true and she feel bad he warns again about something else and pays a price for not listening. I think the book could have benefited without the Lucy character she doesn’t do anything really except threaten Vespa to use magic for Lucy’s benefit. Even though she was a plot device a bridge that put Vespa into Upper classes that but Hal back into her life. I think there could have been another way to get the same result. The end felt convoluted. All in all the original concept, the mythology was like nothing I’ve read. So I gave the Naturalists 3.5 / 5. I liked the book for all the reason I mentioned through out the review but not enough to have in my personal library or re-read. 3.5

The Waters and the Wild

The Waters & the Wild - Francesca Lia Block The Waters and the wild is a small story 113 pages in full it reminded me of another book I read some time ago. The Replacement it had the same feel, that slow underlining morbid vibe. Changelings are somber beings every book I’ve read they constantly question who and what they are and its no different in The Water and the Wild. Bee constantly questions who she was. Bee spelt like honey bee spent a lot of time in her head.Change was in the wind when she receives a visit from a twin looking just like her. Strange things begin to happen and new changes in Bee’s life kick into motion Bee fights it of course but event are beyond her control. She mets Sarah and makes friends with the strange weird girl, even starts to like a boy. Haze the school nerd another school outcast begins to stir feelings in her. And for the first time she had friends and didn’t feel quite so alone. Still she feels on the outside looking in. Bee is stuck in neutral unable to advance like most stories about Changelings I’ve read.To me this was the beginning of the book not the entire book, it was great to see the p.o.v of some of the characters. I think there was more Because change is necessary for growth. The Waters and the Wild was a short and sweet read one can finish this book in one sitting that was one a good point, but the unoriginal plot, and stereo typical characters made this not for me I rated it a 2.5 / 5. As a matter fact when I read the synopsis I wasn’t aware this was a story about changelings in my limited experience it was usually a dark twisted boring read. Still I managed to finish but it didn’t leave me with any impressions so that’s why I gave the Water and the Wild a 2.5 / 5.2.5


Flawless - Lara Chapman I’ve been dying to read Flawless but I could never quite get to it. There was always another book in front of it in my ever growing TBR list. So when I spotted Flawless on the shelf at the library. I squealed and jumped at the chance to read it, and scooped it up right away. This re-telling of the tale of Cyrano from a modern day prospective was a pleasant surprise. Flawless was funny, Sarah was my favorite character her comments often had me chuckling or laughing out loud at the oddest moments.Writer Chapman’s portrait of teenage life is quite accurate, a snapshot at least. Sarah‘s character I related to her the most, in experience and some personality traits. Sarah’s inner contemplation, conflict was an honest portrayal of growing pains and experiencing first love, and discovery of one’s selves. From Sarah’s inner musings I felt as if I was peeking into her diary. I give props for the realistic narration it gave the story some color.The pacing was excellent once you start reading it was easy to just keep going until human fragility (hunger, bathroom breaks, and sleep) broke Flawless’s spell. I loved the dynamics of Kristen and Sarah’s friendship the give and take. But that gets goes out the window when Rock enters the picture and leaves both girls breathless. Sarah’s constant losing battle of wills to Kristen’s unreasonable requests and her use of emotional blackmail to get her way. I didn’t have much issue with Flawless except for Kristen at some point she morphed into self centered obnoxious brat. Using Sarah as a crutch to keep Rock.Yet Kristen wasn’t all bad she was a stand up friend ready to defend Sarah. If anyone teased her. She was fiercely loyal but hormones and a guy she lost her way for awhile but, in the end Kristen came to her senses, before she ruined their friendship. Jen’s character in my opinion didn’t need to be in the story. Her addition read like an after thought her arc was glossed and faded out as if it was never there. Flawless is a cute story of love, loyalty between friends, self discovery (main character). Good pace, believable characters and situations was the reason I gave it a 4/5 rating. Flawless was a nice snippet the growing pains of teenage life. Definitely earned a spot on my shelf. Recommended for all age groups. 4/5

Guarding Jess (McCormack Security Agency)

Guarding Jess - Shannon Curtis I liked the story well enough but you see what killed it for me was the fact that the plot was so predictable. Half way into the book I knew who the stalker was. Romance between Jess and Noah as I read it was like I was writing a mirror copy of the scenes in my mind, that’s how predictable the plot was.Very formulaic now I understand romance of any genre follows certain tried and true formulas because they work. But there is a difference between tried and true and lack luster. Sure they were some steamy scenes in there that were a heart beat away from “heaving bosoms and flaming manhood” status but just, giggle. And even though the stalker character throughout the entire story comes across as this mind f%$@ once confronted lifetime movie style the confrontation is disappointing.As part of my campaign to read other genres I don’t usually read I picked this romance, because I was intrigued by the synopsis and wanted to see if the story could hit all the right notes. Be a romance but still manage to throw in some twists the reader doesn’t see coming. Alas that was not the case in this instance. But if you are a romance junkie and just want to disconnect from the world for a few hours then Guarding Jess will be perfect for you. As for me it wasn’t my cup of tea. The pacing was pretty good, the writing wasn’t the great works of Shakespeare but I don’t think it was meant to be. Characters are cookie cutter, examples the injured warrior and the woman that calms his restless heart and restores his faith in love again. The friend that provides a little comedy relief, there is even a handsome playboy. So for those saving graces I gave Guarding Jess a three out of five. Due to some steamy scenes I would recommend this book for the adult set sorry kiddies no room at the inn for this one. Read Guarding Jess and maybe you’ll disagree with my rating post your comments below and let me know what you thought of the story.

Death's Apprentice: A Grimm City Novel

Death's Apprentice (Grimm CIty, #1) - K.W. Jeter When I first laid eyes on Death’s Apprentice it was the cover that lured me in, but we all know pretty covers doesn’t equal a good or even descent book. So I did what I always do in such cases when I’m enthralled by sight with a book, read the first page. Liked what I read and added it to my burgeoning stack of library goodies. On first impression I had the idea that this book was about an apprenticeship to death. As the tiltle suggested but after the first chapter it all becomes subplots separate stories told from four different characters p.o.v, that form one main storyline. (Nathaniel,Blake, Hank and the devil–wanted to save this surprise but if you’ve already read a few reviews on goodreads you will already know this).Which is fine if that was how the book was advertised but there was no hint of Blake or Hank from the synopsis. Just a vague hint of “unknown” stories in the Grimm canon. Still from the title I believed this was about one character’s p.o.v not several. That irked me so much that the desire to continue reading the book was something I had to think about. Aside from that elephant of a pet peeve Death’s Apprentice was deftly written. I loved his use of language (wow guys I know I sound highly pompous there but it was required to get my point, forgiven I hope) the narrative was smart though not as enjoyable as the last book I read. Which is now my new standard for judging all narratives now. The characters were complex each with their own complications and crosses to bear. Ever heard the term Misery makes you human in this case it gave the characters depth.When these three characters finally meet and truths are revealed setting in motion the ultimate confrontation face off with the Devil himself. Blake fights for a his very soul as learned what the devil truly did to him in Afghanistan. Hank fights for an innocent life. Nathaniel fights for a way back to his place with death. The ending leaves the reader with as many questions as answers. What is the meaning of it all? What will be the final sacrifice for these three? What next?The twists, revelations and the end will shock you I must admit by the end I was converted but the damage was done by the pet peeve (I’m sorry I hold grudges. I have to work on that) meant I had to work to get to that conversion so I gave Death’s Apprentice three out of five. Since this a series, and I’ve had an introduction to K.W Jeter and Mr Jones writing style. I know what to expect I have high hopes for the Grimm City Novel #2. I silently pray book 2 will be better. I would recommend this book for 16+ crowd the violence is a bit graphic. 3/5

Early to Death, Early to Rise (Madison Avery, Book 2)

Early to Death, Early to Rise - Kim Harrison This my second attempt with this series I really liked the idea and I’m a fan of writer Harrison’s adult series but I just couldn’t get into ETDETR. Which is a shame because I really, really wanted to like this series. Reading the synopsis it pumps you and you can’t wait to read what happens. The premise I liked the whole good and evil power struggle and the twist our protagonist is the dark time-keeper. The dynamic of her as the new boss coming in and trying to change the system for the better.The resistance causes some interesting moments because everyone else essentially has this ‘if it aint broke why fix it’ attitude. It’s how its been done since time began blah blah. I was expecting more interesting conflict because two opposing forces butting heads you think explosions. The characters are evolving shaped by their previous experiences and coming to terms with the events that happened at the end of the previous book. And consequences of their decisions are addressed–new characters enter and so on. The writing is great even the concept.Still I just couldn’t get into to this series into every reader’s life occasionally a book comes along that doesn’t leave an impression for me it seems to be this series. Madison, bless her is so vanilla trying so hard to com-by-ya everyone and give people the choice she never got blinded her I think, because she was clearly in over her head trying to go against the Goliath of a system that been in place since creation. Madison lacks that bit of fire that memorable characters embody, it’s not her fault though she’s a good girl that had something crazy happen to her. She hasn’t been seasoned yet by years of being on the job. I’d say check back with her character in ten years then we can see how life has shaped her.One issue I have to mention is Josh he’s suppose to be her love interest crush whatever. He’s hardly in here I mean at the end of the first book it was looking like the love triangle would be between him and Barnabas now i’m confused this Paul guy is in the mix is it going to be a square-angle in the next book, hum.The Madison Avery trilogy is finally starting to take shape there are many directions the plot for book three can go. I gave it a 3.5 Let me explain why, reading is all about enjoyment and getting lost in the book. And as much as I liked the story I couldn’t get into it. My rating reflects that aspect I honestly couldn’t sit here and give it a four rating (even though it may deserve it). Because I couldn’t make that connection with the main character which is part and parcel of any good reading experience. So short and sweet just like the book that’s my rating. I would recommend borrowing this one from the library if you’re curious. And if your opinion differs from mine and you love-like this book you can add to your personal library. 3.5/5

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion My favorite lines from the Warm Bodies is a quote ” Quod tu es,ego fun, quod ego sum, tu eris ” What you are, I once was–What I am you will become.Warm bodies is well written, sweet, funny, and macabre. I wondered how a book where the main character is a zombie would work. Would such a book even be interesting? What would the plot be about and would execution be successful? These were the question holding me back from reading Warm Bodies.To answer those questions my answer is this–yes it was interesting well written with intelligent narration that show a rich mind. R is an unexpected delight as I read his internal acrobatics I was amazed how much I liked him. He seemed so much like the living except for that pesky thing called a pulse.Despite his present condition of being dead more accurately the living dead. R has a fascination with life which is why I think he came across so lively. The mystery of his death confounds him he can’t remember his life before who he was what he did. As much as he tries the only thing that remind behind from that life was the ” R” in his name, he thinks. Watching him come to life again was entertaining the “changes” made him real. After eating the brain of a teenage boy R begins to in speaks five syllables in a row what’s more crazy than that he starts to dream, real dreams.Julie and R’s interactions are sweet and based in reality. Her reaction to being saved and then taken home by a zombie is believable. So is Julie’s mistrust, wariness, curiosity, and finally the fascination. E.g a line from the book R is taking Julie back to her father before he shows up and kills everyone (zombies)–how do you kill something that’s already dead you blow it up. The “boneys” object they run (R, Julie) and find themselves some shelter, after putting a great distance between them and their pursuers. Bed down for the night in an abandoned house–this an exchange between R and Julie.I notice Julie standing in the doorway again. Her arms folded on her chest and her hip is pressed against the door frame. Her foot taps an anxious rhythm on the floor.“What?” I ask.“Well …,” she says. ” I was just thinking. The bed is king size. So I guess, if you wanted to … I wouldn’t care if you joined me in there.” Her face reddens.“Look, all I’m saying–all I’m saying–is I don’t mind giving you a side of the bed. The room is kinda of spooky, you know.”It’s scenes like this that are innocent on one level and grossly macabre another considering R is a decaying corpse without a pulse but you do forget that after awhile unless a reference to his living dead status is mentioned. M is funny I liked him, he gave R some balance before Julie came crashing into his world. I could have done without the introduction of R’s family unit took something out of the story. Julie’s sailor mouth normally I wouldn’t make note of this as an objection writers expression and all it’s just at times the language seemed ill placed. To me Julie talks tough but her character felt like “not that kinda girl” who cusses and does naughty things.I can’t say I’ve ever thought of things from the undead’s P.O.V before. R may have changed that a little, cause honey dead is dead. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t shoot a zombie if I saw one. Just that I might feel really bad after. I had gotten my hands on a copy a few months and waited for the hype to die down. As great of a book as Warm Bodies was a found these dents in the story ones I couldn’t look pass. So I gave it a four out five. The adult language is a no no for preteens but 16 plus come come to the party. 4 /5

First Time: The Legend Of Garison Fitch

First Time: The Legend Of Garison Fitch - Samuel Ben White What drew me to this book was the concept it was intriguing and I wanted to see how it would be executed. Because time travel is not a new concept and it takes finesse to keep the story from becoming a cartoonish mess. Still First Time was entertaining a few twist that kept the story interesting. I loved the subplot entertaining the idea of alternate histories and parallel dimensions. As well as the time paradox element it was provocative. Especially the repercussions that had realistic consequences resulting from Garison’s mishap. Raising all sorts of questions about one’s reality. The romantic facet was sweet but if not a little confusing with the different time lines.Having said that I had an issues I couldn’t ignore—the religious element scattered (and I do mean scattered) through out the book at times felt heavy handed (maybe that’s just me). But I’d be reading along and bam there’d be some religious reference to Christianity. Though it’s not distracting from the story you do notice it’s presence. Four hundreds pages was adventurous undertaking and it started to show some. The plot’s pacing was slow most of the time but when any action occurred I found myself feverishly plowing through to find out what happened next. Still at the the end of the day it was a fun read for a sunday afternoon after church, but for me this was three point five rating. The religious element was the down fall–honestly I don’t have a problem with religion but this book’s genre is not clearly stated as or listed among the Christian fiction. And forewarned at least you know what to expect otherwise it can be a turn off coming upon it unexpectedly. 3.5 / 5

Guilty Wives

Guilty Wives - James Patterson,  David Ellis James Patterson is an accomplished writer and it shows in his eloquent writing, well place prose, detailed and descriptive surroundings. Having never been to France he made me see it. Now after all those compliments you’d think this would be a glowing review to a degree it is. Let’s start with the tag line What happens in Monte Carlo…. could get you murdered. The overall press kit for this book reveals no details of the crime committed (and I wont now) only that it’s unthinkable. I mean that was a genius piece literary manipulation withholding from the reader all the facts to determine who the victim is and the crime perpetrated and ultimately the direction the story takes, bravo. That little nugget shocked me the identity of the victim because as I read I wouldn’t have come to the conclusion that identity of the victim would cause such a ruckus and explained the roughing up the girls get at the start.There is mystery, murder, wrongful imprisonment, a prison break, betrayal, a little sex, a little something for everyone. So my next statement that follows, will make you go huh? For one thing we start the book at the prologue where the girls are already convicted and serving lengthy sentences. Great so I’m thinking what follows next is coping with prison life, handling difficult guards and so forth. No –what follows is the long boring tale of their arrival, the crime, trial and conviction boring blah blah. If you are like me you bore easily and having to read through 86 chapters to get to the good stuff. Is dangerous for readers like me because the put down-ability is a definite possibility, but once I got there I needed to know how it ended I read through the night and wasn’t disappointed.What did disappoint me though was the need to spill the entire boring story of how the girls got imprisoned in the first place. If it were me I would have sprinkled the back story in snippets through out their prison stay.Because that one big helping down your throat at once could cause some people to put the book down. For the mystery buffs and television crime show enthusiasts you will clearly see the net of the frame up as it spreads through out the book. It’s obvious–so much so its a little insulting. Even if you’re in the dark about all the players. The interrogation scenes in this book will irritate you (maybe that’s just me) not to mention cruel guards. Still I enjoyed Guilty Wives the ending saved the book for me but I can’t overlook the fact I had to read the majority of the book to get that feeling so I gave Guilty Wives 3.5 /5.3.5 / 5

Rapacia: The Second Circle of Heck (Circles of Heck Series #2)

Rapacia: The Second Circle of Heck (Circles of Heck Series #2) - Dale E. Basye,  Bob Dob (Illustrator) Book two in the Heck series I must say I’m in love with this series. Pop culture references seemly blended with the historical and infamous figures of the past. Done in a way that’s both entertaining and educational at the same time, especailly if you haven’t heard of some the real life characters mentioned through out the series.Now onto to my thoughts at the end of the first book (spoiler alert) Milton escapes Heck leaving Marlo behind. Good old Milty isn’t about to turn his back on Marlo though not that she doesn’t deserve it. At the beginning of Rapacia we find Milton alive so what—readjusting but life this time around he’s more of an outcast then he was before his “death”. Meanwhile Marlo has been moved along to the next phase of Heck Rapacia hell for greedy kids. Being a seasoned kleptomaniac Rapacia is her worst night mare dressed in ugly clothes, and nirvana all rolled into one because she’s introduced to Mallvana (crack for kleptos). By what could only described as a mechanized bunny on steroids. Temptation is the steam that runs the place. Marlo time in Heck is not going so well at first until she becomes the Grabbit’s right hand gal.I like the fact we see the effect of Heck on Marlo and Miles in the living world, though he’s escaped Heck there are some lingering effects of being dead and coming back to life. Marlo becomes captivated by the Grabbit’s mysterious power, and finds herself embroiled in a power grab. Not to mention the leader of a rather pitiful gang of outlaws and the Grabbit’s pet. Milton has his own share of detours to help Marlo getting advice from a rather unscrupulous lawyer,etc etc don’t want to tell the whole plot.Needless to say this was another home run for me. The descriptions are detailed, the characters are simple and complicated, the plot is creative with Bayse’s brand of true fiction. Using history’s infamous character as part of Heck’s world. My only complaint is the fact I think he crammed too much into the story the whole business with Milton and the cult I don’t think was necessary but that just my opinion. I gave Rapacia a four out of five. The creativity and delivery alone is worth this rating. Rapacia is a middle grade book and is perfect for kids 12 years old and older and if you’re boy this a great boy it has adventure, and no sparkly vampires.4/5