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One for the Money (Movie Tie-in) (Stephanie Plum Novels)

One for the Money (Movie Tie-in) (Stephanie Plum Novels) - Janet Evanovich I have to admit that I only heard of this series after the movie with Katherine Heigl was made (which I haven’t seen yet) and discovered there were several books in this series. I was pleasantly surprised its always cool discovering a new book in a series, especially if its the first one. Okay its been awhile since I reviewed a non YA book so here goes. Janet Evanovich is an excellent writer able to capture the voice of mundane everyday life we non magical folks live. Stephanie’s narration is eloquent, funny and real the picture she paints of New Jersey I feel like I’ve been there, and don’t particularly want to go back.The main character is relatable if she not doing something incredibly dangerous or stupid she’s lamenting on her financial difficulties and selling her possessions to pay her way. The dialogue was funny and had me chuckling a few times especially the verbal banter between Morelli and Stephanie. It’s obvious there’re still feelings between them evident by him saving her and her not arresting him. The cast of characters include her pushy mother, disgruntled father, crazy grandmother she gave color and comic relief to some scenes. Her scummy cousin Vinnie who gave her this assignment in the first place her threats to expose his sexual deviancy to his wife gives fruit to the imagination, the spunky secretary, an ex special forces mentor to round out the characters. Bad guys abound dirtbags everyone of them an example the psycho boxer that nearly assaults on their first meeting. The chase leads into the darker parts of Jersey and a lot of the mayhem made me cringe a part of reading adult books the situations. I like the fact that I was in the dark until the endThe premises of a down on her luck Jersey girl becomes bail bondsman, bounty hunter either way you say it just seems a stretch. Funny to read but some of the dangerous situations Stephanie finds herself. Reality if this hadn’t been a book with a writer manipulating the outcome might have been different. Which just re-enforced the idea to me that a former lingerie sales buyer becoming a bounty hunter, and her first job is the biggest story in the paper in Trenton Times not believable. For me that took a little away from the book. Stephanie’s lack of common sense and walking into dangerous situations well though entertaining you kinda want to say really you didn’t see that coming? Some of the situation in this book made me want to take shower, I got angry a few times mostly at Stephanie’s stupidity but all in all One for the money was entertaining and kept me guessing. All good points if you ask me so if you’re into to mysteries with a slice of humor added for good measure. I would recommend One For The Money it is an adult book so 18 and older. There are some adult situations, saucy language (cursing), a few squeamish scenes so if you have a problem with any of these mentioned then I would skip this one. I gave it a four out five.