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Frost Burned: Mercy Thompson Book 7

Frost Burned  - Patricia Briggs What I love about writer Briggs Mercy Thompson series is that there is always more to the story. Just like an onion there are multi layered. One central story with subplots that connect to form a bigger picture. Sometimes the journey is better than the destination. I wasn’t so too happy about the plot in River Mark book 6. Though we find more about the shape shifters I was disappointed.But writer Briggs more than made up for it in Frost Burned. I fell back love with the series after the last book I was ready to break up with Mercy.You see it was hard for me to let go of Mercy because I really like her. Not many female characters are smart ass tough like her and likable. Mercy’s character is brave, loyal, afraid but not enough to stop her from doing the stupid reckless things that would kill a normal human being. e.g take on a powerful fae, Its that strong sense of right and wrong that often guides her into these kamikaze situations. That somehow in the end she lands on the other side of it mostly in one piece.Her constant evaluation as a character is what keeps me wanting more Mercy stories. Over time Mercy has become wiser, stronger learning what she is capable of. I use the word “rape” loosely because magic was involved. Surviving being raped in Silver Borne, book 5. Sharpening her Survival instincts, and learning more about her coyote magic with each encounter Mercy learns what she’s made of. And Frost Burned is no different she learns she a new ability. And does a crazy trick in a dream with silver that freaks her out.Mercy inspires loyalty in the people around her. Ben the foul mouth werewolf protects her to the death if he has to. After the whole pack is abducted. Tad the half-fae and son of Zee a powerful fae, he too comes to Mercy’s rescue without hesitation. To protect Gabriel and Jesse. Stefan the vampire also comes to her aid when Mercy sends up the bat signal.To rescue Kyle Warren’s mate from bad guys. Asil a wolf sent by Bran to help known as “The Moor” the half mad werewolf is hanging onto to his sanity by a thread. Even he isn’t immune to Mercy. Eventually he comes to respect and even like Mercy as he watches the effect she has on the people in her life and impressed and wary by the variety of the company she keeps. There are few new characters introduced I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you who they are, read if you want to know.Yet the more things change the more they stay the same what do I mean by this. The more mature Mercy becomes, those rough edges are still there there that smart mouth, rebellious attitude, and mischievous nature. Basically the same smart ass coyote we love. Speaking of love I love the progression of Adam and Mercy’s relationship its apparent how much he loves Mercy. And how much Mercy loves him as well. I can barely remember the way she fought her attraction for Adam and confusion over Samuel. And whatever Mercy thought she and Samuel could have had. Nearly messed up a good thing I must admit I was rotting for Samuel, but I’m glad Adam won. Writer Briggs writes their story well I smiled, and laugh a few times at their interactions makes me want to invest time reading about them and I was sad to say goodbye at the end of the book.Frost Burned had a lot of moving parts moving in sync. Except for a few things that didn’t really need to be there especially since there weren’t addressed later. The ghost at Tad’s house for one. Opening the door to questions, like who is she and why was she there? The villain is isn’t even worthy of the title in my opinion. Yes he was scary with power that would make one pee their pants. A narcissistic power hungry with dreams of grander. The perfect vamp but in the end he lacked the charisma of a real villain. He was so transparent I had no respect for him as an adversary. He was a wannabe with reach, disappointing. Still villain aside I enjoyed being in Mercy’s world for awhile. I gave Frost Burned a 4 out 5. Because like I said before the journey is sometimes better than destination. I would recommend FB to urban fantasy lovers. There is some violence in the book and parents if you’re monitoring what your child is reading maybe read FB first and see it pasts your cleared for reading test.