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Of Triton

Of Triton - Anna Banks Normally my mythical go to creatures are not mermaids because I felt there wasn’t much story there. However after reading Of Triton by Anna Banks I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the story. Books about mermaids aside from the star-crossed lovers angle, what eles was there? Yes there is that element in Of Triton with a twist. I wondered would the story appeal to me, the synopsis hooked me and that was my motivation to read Of Triton.What did I like about the book you say. For starters the story wasn’t epic but the bread crumbs throughout was enough to hold my attention. I was engaged in the plot I found it hard not to skip ahead at some especially juicy thing that was happening. The characters were funny and there were genuine moments when I laughed at something one of them said. Compelling at some points that I found myself wanting to know what happens next.Told from g Galen and Emma’s point of view. Was nice to see the story unfold from both sides of the coin so to speak. The romance was cheesy but in good way if you have romanticize idea of love. There was some points of the story that just didn’t belong the book could have done without, the pacing slowed down to a crawl at one point (in my opinion). The ending to me seemed like just a way to facilitate what writer Banks need to do to make Galen and Emma’s union happen. So that they could be mated one day to each other. The book could have done without a few fluff paragraph. Of Triton had its moments the pacing slowed down throughout the body. Still the story was engaging I gave Of Triton a 3.5 out of 5. I would recommend this book if you love books about mermaids. Or paranormal fantasy in general. There is no age cap on this book child or adult could read. Its just a sweet story about a boy and a girl the obstacles they have to face to be together.