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Books are the most portable past time you can go on an adventure, fall in love, and save the world. The best kind of story is those that linger in your head days after you've finished the book. And that's what reading is for me the search for the next book that lingers in my head.


Incarnation - Emma Cornwall Incarnation has been on my radar for a while, so when I saw this beauty–cover all gleaming begging to be read I couldn’t refuse. My initial impression was this was a “what if” story, and what do I mean? Have you ever read a story and thought “what if” the main character fell in love with the second fiddle instead of said love interest. How would the story change writer Cornwall takes that premise in Incarnation and runs with it. Spinning her own original work of fiction her “what if”–what if Lucy woke up as a vampire instead of a killed off minor character in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. From that point the story is original though its not heavy on the steampunk I’m used to writer Cornwall does developed a world rich with details and creatures and human alike to inhabit this London.Lucy is not the typical vampire her emotions are more human, to me. The portrait of Lucy Weston a young woman snatched at the height of her young life and turned into “a creature of the night” so to speak. Is lovely a contrast as Lucy struggles to reconcile the girl she used to be and the vampire she had become. The characters are fully formed, the story rich with intrigue and plots. A few twist and turns for good measure add in a romantic element. And that part of the story was a welcomed changed. The romance element wasn’t another main character trying to taking over the story, instead the romance was more subdued. Add all those elements together you’ve got a great story.Writer Cornwall kept the story fresh throwing a few curves the reader doesn’t expect. I was afraid that Incarnation would go the way of many cliched vamp stories, but instead Incarnation was anything but cliched. There wasn’t much I didn’t like–nothing worth mentioning that is just down to my personal quirks. Because of the well thought out detailed world of Incarnation, great characters, original story full of plots, legends, and a vamp king etc.. I gave it a four out of five. I would recommend Incarnation to anyone that loves Paranormal fiction, steampunk, historic fiction and of course vampire stories or all three genres. Perfect for young adults and older. Hope you enjoy the ride and leave a comment if you’ve read Incarnation wether you liked,loved,or hated it all feedback is welcomed.4/5