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Superman Earth One HC (Superman Limited Gns (DC Comics R))

Superman: Earth One - Shane Davis, J. Michael Straczynski Since I was a young wiper-snapper I have been a fan of the Superman comics. I love all the different avenues Clark’s story has taken over the years “Doomsday: The Death Of Superman” was my favorite arc. The art on the cover was sick (meaning good) and the story of the man of steel dying to save us though admirable Superman actually dying just was beyond comprehension which was it made such a good premise.So when I came across Earth One I was very intrigued of all the origin stories and parallel plots lines. This one wasn’t my favorite. The cover art was beautiful and promised so much. Earth One begins with Clark trying to “find himself” off in the big city of Metropolis. He was grappling with demons from his past recalling how it felt not fitting in, feeling like a freak etc.. you know the usual growing pains but with the added twist super powers. Now here’s the part I didn’t like–in the original comics Clark goes out of his way not to stand out. But in this version when Clark goes to audition for a spot on football team. He more than stands out–he displays herculean strength and speed like Flash. What was most unnerving was the image of Clark carrying a fellow player twice his size, like it was nothing. Same deal when he tries out for the baseball team he’s extraordinary, as with Clark’s interview for the post of a researcher. I was beside myself, hello! That’s a big part of the mystique of Superman blending in despite being so capable. First strike.The second strike came with the premise the villain and his backstory and the destruction of Krypton was weak. I was expecting….to tell the truth I don’t know what I was expecting anything but not that lukewarm arc. After his brain is hijack by a shard of his ship which proceed to download his entire planet’s history while rebuilding itself. That was a little too convenient that was the was strike three. I think for me Earth One was too far from the Superman formula I know that I just couldn’t get pass the differences. Earth One wasn’t the best origin story but it wasn’t the worst. The art I loved, the plot though I found it weak it was entertaining, emo Clark takes getting use to. I gave Superman: Earth One a three out five. I recommend for all ages and it you’re curious check out your local library.