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Please Look after Mom

Please Look After Mom - Shin Kyung-sook, 신경숙, Kim Chi-Young Please Look After Mom has been on my TBR pile for a while and one day browsing through the library shelves I spotted a copy. And thought this must be fate, so you know the rest. I wasn’t sure what to expect I had never read a book written by a Korean writer before. But I have watched a lot of good Korean dramas and they had really good writing. So I wasn’t disappointed–the writing showed the portrait of a family. Once close that had drifted apart as the now grown up children struggle with careers and adult responsibilities that took precedent to honoring and paying closer attention to their aging parents. Which leads to their mother’s disappearance.Told in different voices allows each of the children, husband, and finally the mother herself–to share their own experience of her disappearance. And the memories it recalls of their own life before their mother went missing. As they begin to realize their complacency is the cause of this event in the first place. Please Look After Mom is a touching story about the sacrifices a Korean mother makes for her children. And the lack of appreciation her kids showed for those sacrifices, because at the heart they are embarrassed of their illiterate mother. Never realizing all she had endured for them until she goes missing. A light is shone on the cracks in the family’s life as truths are revealed.The pace of Please Look After Mom reminds me of a symphony somber, slow with poignant moments that is sad but sparks reflection. The bitter sweet moments balance the scales and keeps the story dancing on that fine line between heartbreaking and uplifting. As each character goes through a metamorphosis. I throughly enjoyed this book and took my time reading it because a book like this demanded. For the eloquent writing style, the flawed and well rounded characters, the plot I gave Please Look After Mom a 4/5. This book I recommend for fans of realistic fiction for example If I stay by Gayle Forman, for you will get the most out of the experience.4/5