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Fury's Kiss (Dorina Basarab Series #3)

Fury's Kiss (Dorina Basarab Series #3) - Fury’s Kiss is the third book in the Dorina Basarab series. I’m a big fan of urban fantasy because they have a healthy pace, usually. And lots of action and running for your life scenarios. Where to begin there was so much to love, like, knit your brows at. Should I talk about the romance between Dory and Louis-Ceasare. The push and pull attraction Dory’s been trying to pretend she doesn’t feel. More accurately she thinks she doesn’t deserve. Any one with eyes can see Dory is crazy about Louis-Ceasare. Or the story behind Micera and Dory’s estrangement. I like that writer Chance finally decided to address this topic. And pull back the curtain on the relationship between Mircea and Dory, because I’ve wondered from time to time were they always like that. And if not what had he done to drive that wedge so deep that Dory didn’t trust him. Aside from the seemingly unrelated mini story arcs spread out throughout the book that on their own were separate random pieces of a puzzle that once put together formed a complete picture. That made the reader–me, scratch my head at some points.I liked that writer Chance gets more into to the relationships in Dory’s life including Dorina, the dhampir. There are so many directions for the story to go. I like that Dory is becoming more developed as a character and stronger I just wish she would be less self deprecating. I’m so excited I’m afraid I will tell you too many details. I will tell you this reading I thought I figured out the villain’s identity since there were quite a few suspects to choose from. But I wasn’t even close. The twist and turns really do unbalance you so that the ending is a total surprise. After I had to take a break–to you know sleep. The whole time I had Dorina on the brain did she get out of whatever mess she was in? That my friend is the mark of a good book.My only gripe was the constant self deprecating thing Dorina had going on after a while it was annoying but not enough to kill the book just enough you notice it. And the sex scene between Dorina and Louis-Cesare was drawn out all the teasing I was over it. I wanted to get back to the action. There are a few arcs that the book could have done without Salvo for one, and the zombie vamps it didn’t hurt the story, but Fury’s Kiss wouldn’t have suffered from the omission. As a whole I like most of the plot lines. Lately I’ve have kinda fallen off with many of my staple Urban fantasy series. Either they were getting stale or ended, which bummed me out because Urban Fantasy is my baby (though I read other genres). Dory has rekindled my love affair with the genre. So I gave Fury’s Kiss a 4/5. Being that this is adult fiction I recommend this book for adults and a no no for kiddies under the age of 18. Because there is rough language, sexual situations graphic in details. And has an feel all around.