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Sweet Shadows (Sweet Venom Series #2)

Sweet Shadows - Tera Lynn Childs Sweet shadows is the second book in the Medusa Girls series. My first impression I liked this book better than the first (I didn’t write a review for Sweet Venom if you’re curious). If you are a regular visitor to Sony the Book Lover, then you know I’m a professed cover junkie. And nine times out ten I’ve picked up a book for that reason. Sometimes its a hit others a miss. Such is the case with Sweet Shadows nice story, well written.The Medusa myth is given a revamp–so score for creativity, the world is inhabited with many mythical creatures that are up to no go–so score again there for conflict and drama. The sisterly bond between the girls and sibling head butting was realistic and I loved three person p.o.v. New characters and a new environment to explore. The doomsday prophecy as the end game keeps the reader interested in the series if not to know if the girls live or die at the of the series. Like I said there’re elements that appeal but in my case they weren’t enough. Sweet Shadow hit a flat note for me.I’ll tell you why I expected more action considering the beginning started with a literal bang. Promising action packed intrigue. Instead what I got was anything but. I was hoping this theme would continue but instead I was disappointed by all the down time and narration. But when the action happens I am turning pages like mad. I just wanted that feeling to be continuous through out the book. That was the black eye that decided the the rating. I liked the twist on the Medusa myth I think I like this version best considering how tragic Medusa’s story was. Sweet Shadows in my opinion could have used more tweaking the girls are helpless and every time they reached out for help comically that door closed in their faces. I found myself playing who will disappear next.Still the question marks at the end had me curious. Like what’s the deal with Thane? Will he and Geer hook up? Who is the mystery woman Geer meets in the alley? So yeah writer Childs didn’t completely loose me but honestly as for Sweet shadows I gave it a 3.5 /5 and hope book 3 three hits all the right notes. Wish-list the girls become more sure of themselves and their powers. Learn how to use them properly,and for the love of all things holy give them a source the can get real answers. (Not the cryptic musing of the oracle that only works if the were knowledgeable about the Greek world) An ancient text or hell medusa’s journal, something. More action less in your head narration. Define the roles of the men in the girl’s lives at the moment I trust none of them including unassuming Milo. Address these and book 3 is gold. 3.5 / 5