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Death's Apprentice: A Grimm City Novel

Death's Apprentice (Grimm CIty, #1) - K.W. Jeter When I first laid eyes on Death’s Apprentice it was the cover that lured me in, but we all know pretty covers doesn’t equal a good or even descent book. So I did what I always do in such cases when I’m enthralled by sight with a book, read the first page. Liked what I read and added it to my burgeoning stack of library goodies. On first impression I had the idea that this book was about an apprenticeship to death. As the tiltle suggested but after the first chapter it all becomes subplots separate stories told from four different characters p.o.v, that form one main storyline. (Nathaniel,Blake, Hank and the devil–wanted to save this surprise but if you’ve already read a few reviews on goodreads you will already know this).Which is fine if that was how the book was advertised but there was no hint of Blake or Hank from the synopsis. Just a vague hint of “unknown” stories in the Grimm canon. Still from the title I believed this was about one character’s p.o.v not several. That irked me so much that the desire to continue reading the book was something I had to think about. Aside from that elephant of a pet peeve Death’s Apprentice was deftly written. I loved his use of language (wow guys I know I sound highly pompous there but it was required to get my point, forgiven I hope) the narrative was smart though not as enjoyable as the last book I read. Which is now my new standard for judging all narratives now. The characters were complex each with their own complications and crosses to bear. Ever heard the term Misery makes you human in this case it gave the characters depth.When these three characters finally meet and truths are revealed setting in motion the ultimate confrontation face off with the Devil himself. Blake fights for a his very soul as learned what the devil truly did to him in Afghanistan. Hank fights for an innocent life. Nathaniel fights for a way back to his place with death. The ending leaves the reader with as many questions as answers. What is the meaning of it all? What will be the final sacrifice for these three? What next?The twists, revelations and the end will shock you I must admit by the end I was converted but the damage was done by the pet peeve (I’m sorry I hold grudges. I have to work on that) meant I had to work to get to that conversion so I gave Death’s Apprentice three out of five. Since this a series, and I’ve had an introduction to K.W Jeter and Mr Jones writing style. I know what to expect I have high hopes for the Grimm City Novel #2. I silently pray book 2 will be better. I would recommend this book for 16+ crowd the violence is a bit graphic. 3/5