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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion My favorite lines from the Warm Bodies is a quote ” Quod tu es,ego fun, quod ego sum, tu eris ” What you are, I once was–What I am you will become.Warm bodies is well written, sweet, funny, and macabre. I wondered how a book where the main character is a zombie would work. Would such a book even be interesting? What would the plot be about and would execution be successful? These were the question holding me back from reading Warm Bodies.To answer those questions my answer is this–yes it was interesting well written with intelligent narration that show a rich mind. R is an unexpected delight as I read his internal acrobatics I was amazed how much I liked him. He seemed so much like the living except for that pesky thing called a pulse.Despite his present condition of being dead more accurately the living dead. R has a fascination with life which is why I think he came across so lively. The mystery of his death confounds him he can’t remember his life before who he was what he did. As much as he tries the only thing that remind behind from that life was the ” R” in his name, he thinks. Watching him come to life again was entertaining the “changes” made him real. After eating the brain of a teenage boy R begins to in speaks five syllables in a row what’s more crazy than that he starts to dream, real dreams.Julie and R’s interactions are sweet and based in reality. Her reaction to being saved and then taken home by a zombie is believable. So is Julie’s mistrust, wariness, curiosity, and finally the fascination. E.g a line from the book R is taking Julie back to her father before he shows up and kills everyone (zombies)–how do you kill something that’s already dead you blow it up. The “boneys” object they run (R, Julie) and find themselves some shelter, after putting a great distance between them and their pursuers. Bed down for the night in an abandoned house–this an exchange between R and Julie.I notice Julie standing in the doorway again. Her arms folded on her chest and her hip is pressed against the door frame. Her foot taps an anxious rhythm on the floor.“What?” I ask.“Well …,” she says. ” I was just thinking. The bed is king size. So I guess, if you wanted to … I wouldn’t care if you joined me in there.” Her face reddens.“Look, all I’m saying–all I’m saying–is I don’t mind giving you a side of the bed. The room is kinda of spooky, you know.”It’s scenes like this that are innocent on one level and grossly macabre another considering R is a decaying corpse without a pulse but you do forget that after awhile unless a reference to his living dead status is mentioned. M is funny I liked him, he gave R some balance before Julie came crashing into his world. I could have done without the introduction of R’s family unit took something out of the story. Julie’s sailor mouth normally I wouldn’t make note of this as an objection writers expression and all it’s just at times the language seemed ill placed. To me Julie talks tough but her character felt like “not that kinda girl” who cusses and does naughty things.I can’t say I’ve ever thought of things from the undead’s P.O.V before. R may have changed that a little, cause honey dead is dead. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t shoot a zombie if I saw one. Just that I might feel really bad after. I had gotten my hands on a copy a few months and waited for the hype to die down. As great of a book as Warm Bodies was a found these dents in the story ones I couldn’t look pass. So I gave it a four out five. The adult language is a no no for preteens but 16 plus come come to the party. 4 /5