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Guilty Wives

Guilty Wives - James Patterson,  David Ellis James Patterson is an accomplished writer and it shows in his eloquent writing, well place prose, detailed and descriptive surroundings. Having never been to France he made me see it. Now after all those compliments you’d think this would be a glowing review to a degree it is. Let’s start with the tag line What happens in Monte Carlo…. could get you murdered. The overall press kit for this book reveals no details of the crime committed (and I wont now) only that it’s unthinkable. I mean that was a genius piece literary manipulation withholding from the reader all the facts to determine who the victim is and the crime perpetrated and ultimately the direction the story takes, bravo. That little nugget shocked me the identity of the victim because as I read I wouldn’t have come to the conclusion that identity of the victim would cause such a ruckus and explained the roughing up the girls get at the start.There is mystery, murder, wrongful imprisonment, a prison break, betrayal, a little sex, a little something for everyone. So my next statement that follows, will make you go huh? For one thing we start the book at the prologue where the girls are already convicted and serving lengthy sentences. Great so I’m thinking what follows next is coping with prison life, handling difficult guards and so forth. No –what follows is the long boring tale of their arrival, the crime, trial and conviction boring blah blah. If you are like me you bore easily and having to read through 86 chapters to get to the good stuff. Is dangerous for readers like me because the put down-ability is a definite possibility, but once I got there I needed to know how it ended I read through the night and wasn’t disappointed.What did disappoint me though was the need to spill the entire boring story of how the girls got imprisoned in the first place. If it were me I would have sprinkled the back story in snippets through out their prison stay.Because that one big helping down your throat at once could cause some people to put the book down. For the mystery buffs and television crime show enthusiasts you will clearly see the net of the frame up as it spreads through out the book. It’s obvious–so much so its a little insulting. Even if you’re in the dark about all the players. The interrogation scenes in this book will irritate you (maybe that’s just me) not to mention cruel guards. Still I enjoyed Guilty Wives the ending saved the book for me but I can’t overlook the fact I had to read the majority of the book to get that feeling so I gave Guilty Wives 3.5 /5.3.5 / 5