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Rapacia: The Second Circle of Heck (Circles of Heck Series #2)

Rapacia: The Second Circle of Heck (Circles of Heck Series #2) - Dale E. Basye,  Bob Dob (Illustrator) Book two in the Heck series I must say I’m in love with this series. Pop culture references seemly blended with the historical and infamous figures of the past. Done in a way that’s both entertaining and educational at the same time, especailly if you haven’t heard of some the real life characters mentioned through out the series.Now onto to my thoughts at the end of the first book (spoiler alert) Milton escapes Heck leaving Marlo behind. Good old Milty isn’t about to turn his back on Marlo though not that she doesn’t deserve it. At the beginning of Rapacia we find Milton alive so what—readjusting but life this time around he’s more of an outcast then he was before his “death”. Meanwhile Marlo has been moved along to the next phase of Heck Rapacia hell for greedy kids. Being a seasoned kleptomaniac Rapacia is her worst night mare dressed in ugly clothes, and nirvana all rolled into one because she’s introduced to Mallvana (crack for kleptos). By what could only described as a mechanized bunny on steroids. Temptation is the steam that runs the place. Marlo time in Heck is not going so well at first until she becomes the Grabbit’s right hand gal.I like the fact we see the effect of Heck on Marlo and Miles in the living world, though he’s escaped Heck there are some lingering effects of being dead and coming back to life. Marlo becomes captivated by the Grabbit’s mysterious power, and finds herself embroiled in a power grab. Not to mention the leader of a rather pitiful gang of outlaws and the Grabbit’s pet. Milton has his own share of detours to help Marlo getting advice from a rather unscrupulous lawyer,etc etc don’t want to tell the whole plot.Needless to say this was another home run for me. The descriptions are detailed, the characters are simple and complicated, the plot is creative with Bayse’s brand of true fiction. Using history’s infamous character as part of Heck’s world. My only complaint is the fact I think he crammed too much into the story the whole business with Milton and the cult I don’t think was necessary but that just my opinion. I gave Rapacia a four out of five. The creativity and delivery alone is worth this rating. Rapacia is a middle grade book and is perfect for kids 12 years old and older and if you’re boy this a great boy it has adventure, and no sparkly vampires.4/5