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Volcanoes (Grace Murphy, #3)

Volcanoes - Nicole Hamlett I throughly l enjoyed writer Hamlett’s writing it’s refreshing full of humor Grace’s sarcacastic narration that sometimes was full of self-loathing and wit, dialogue that was intelligent but sharp endeared her to me. I felt a kinship with Grace it could have been the smart mouth I love sassy characters, act first and ask questions after. I could identify with her I’m not ashamed to admit I have a volcanic temper, see I made a pun. The pacing was good and had a nice rhythm slow in the appropriate moments and picking suddenly it kept me on my toes.Grace had been through so much I kept wondering what else could happen then it would happen albeit her powers getting burned out after a nearly catastrophic event is one. So far this series hasn’t disappointed. There were moments I just laughed out loud at something Grace said or the situation she found herself in. And others I felt for her because of thing she had to face or deal with some new startling news she’d just discovered and now had to process. Grace is a neurontic mess but she’s real— a mother that loves her son entirely too much but what mother doesn’t? I could feel just how much Grace loved her son by the way writer Hamlett describes Grace and Dylan’s relationship it made me feel sappy. And was among my favorite scenes in the books.Having said that after reading the progression of Grace’s character through out the series I’m a little annoyed she still has the pity party, self loathing still in her playlist. Granted she has had to deal with some extraordinary circumstances and anyone would doubt themselves in the face off those kind of situations. It amazes me how much she always wants to run away whenever she’s confronted, called on her pity party like behavior or bitch-ness. When she’s hurt,confused, angry, scared she go on the defense and turns into super bitch even to the guy who loves her. Grace has two responses fight or flight. I think its time for her to be over this and she gets told this constantly throughout the series so it’s nothing new. The thing I love about Grace is her sassy mouth but good God there are times when silence is best and those are times she’s not. And it’s my impression that Drew has loved her from the beginning even though she constantly mean to ever since she found out he’s her baby daddy. Still all this is part of her charm I guess when you read all three books in one sitting it becomes glaring.Volcanoes left a good impression on me and can’t wait to see what happens next to Grace so I gave Volcanoes a four out of five. The writing was beautifully done, detail descriptions, awesome real down to earth female lead character (Yaaay ) intriguing plot lines nicely blended into each other my overall feeling was love more than dismay. I could do with a bit less woe is me from Grace after three books its time to grow a pair Grace. Overall this an adult book with language to boot so I’m kinda of pushing it with the 16 age limit to start but these days teenagers talk like sailors and know more than I did when I was 16. So I recommend this book for the 16 -adult age group.4/5