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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland - Raven Gregory The concept of Alice in Wonderland is focused on the aftermath of her journey to Wonderland, as an adult. And how Alice has dealt with it in the real world not very well. From the flashes of real world we see of the grown up Alice. For an even stranger twist her story is told through Alice’s other half trapped in Wonderland, confused yet join the club. First maybe I misunderstood but from the synopsis I was under the impression that Alice had a nightmarish experience.There is no real indication of what this nightmarish experience was. Second the story is told in a chopped up format which is confusing there are flashes into the real world of Alice as an adult a mostly unhappy grown up Alice. Her grandparents behavior is suspicious they are the ones that leads her to the rabbit hole. And coaxes her into it there is a story line there which the writer never touches on. Third the ending was a big middle finger to the reader after reading through the entire book your reward is an ending that doesn’t add up.Let’s not mention it’s sacrilegious that they messed with a classic and did a poor job of putting an original twist on. I mean come on if you are going to mess with a classic you have to do it right. There was suppose to be a horror element to the story which explains all the gore, but to me all the gore and blood didn’t have the have that intended effect (and I’m a wuss) on me. If you are a fan of the original you may not like this take.Usually I don’t rate books this low I always try to give every book credit. The writer for the giving life to an idea and following through all the way to a published product. I really didn’t like Alice in Wonderland and I really wanted to like it that’s why I read it. But I have to give credit to the illustrator the art work was amazing and that was about it. There was no real cohesion the story the characters are vamped sexualized versions of the original characters. Alice for one spends the entire time in a busting out lace up bodice and the shortest skirt you could probably wear and still legally call it a skirt. It had a japanese adult manga feel with all the females c-cups. I just couldn’t rate this book more than two and half stars. Alice in Wonderland is readable but I suggest you make a library run if you want to read this one. Ages 16 and up for the violence.http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/11/alice-in-wonderland-review/