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Books are the most portable past time you can go on an adventure, fall in love, and save the world. The best kind of story is those that linger in your head days after you've finished the book. And that's what reading is for me the search for the next book that lingers in my head.


Magisterium - Jeff Hirsch The plot is familiar you may have seen this before but writer Hirsch still manages to create a rich detailed world beyond the rift. Colloquim, our world is plausible with all the technological advances in a hundred years who knows where humanity’s progress maybe. Hirsch’s world entertains one notion of many is done well. Sixteen-year-old Glenn Morgan’s father has been secretly building a device that would allow him to go into to the rift. Obsessed with building the device he thinks of nothing else—if it wasn’t for Glenn he wouldn’t even do the basics like eat, sleep and shower.Saving Glenn’s mother is the hope that keeps him going so when one day he announces he’s completed the device and reveals the true reason he’s been building it. To Glenn she flips out storms off only to find the Authority waiting to question her and drag her father away. Its here where the story take s a strange twist forces that want to keep the status quota (the Authority) step out of the shadows. And Glenn has to run, great start.I liked the the twists lost princesses, magical artifacts well I don’t want to reveal all the details was integrated into the story. Glenn lives her life focused on one goal getting in the space program. Glenn’s character is interesting on the surface she appears distant selfish but underneath she is a contradiction. She denies herself of social entanglements but when her only friend Kevin expresses he wants more she is conflicted stay on the path or let herself feel the attraction she fiercely denies. Her dream is to join the space program but she has to choose between who wants to be and who she is. Then there is the world ( Magisterium) scary and fascinating all these elements battle inside Glenn. This is how I wished her character to be though to some degree she is but the reality is she’s just plain stupid after everything she went through with the Authority to end up in Magisterium. She believes it a “misunderstanding” that the government is good—can you say brain-washed for someone so smart she makes stupid decisions. Half the time she annoyed me.What turned me off was the use of “magic” as an explanation for most things a character changes personalities its magic and so on. The pacing I wasn’t in love with honestly when I first read the synopsis I was so gung-ho to read Magisterium. But I almost didn’t make it past the first four chapters—slow slow slow like drying paint then without any build up. Then suddenly the action picks up and you can’t turn the pages fast enough action after action then slows again. I would prefer more continuity with the pace and more build-up into the scenes. I don’t know if its just me but it was missing something because the characters in Magisterium were either one dimensional by this I mean lacked personality and unsympathetic to Glenn and Kevin. Or just Plot devices to move the story forward and that’s fine if it doesn’t feel that way as you are reading the story. The only character I can say was likable and had some depth was Aamon and he’s not a primary character more of a nomad that comes and goes. There were a few disturbing and confusing scenes all these amounted to the three rating. As much I liked the idea of Magisterium it wasn’t a fully formed thought and I couldn’t give anything higher than a three. I did enjoy Magisterium but I feel to make an informed choice you needed to know what you were getting into. I wouldn’t recommend this book for children 12-16 because of some content. If you’re curious I would make a library run for this one.