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Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega Series #2)

Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega Series #2) - After reading Cry Wolf the first book in the Alpha and Omega series I really wanted to read Hunting Ground. I hoped all the subplots within the main plot would be even more intriguing as Cry Wolf was. Clearly from my rating of 3.5 out 5 you can see I was a little disappointed with writer Briggs effort this time around. Don’t misunderstand me I enjoyed Hunting Ground and will be reading it’s follow up Fair Game. But there were flaws I couldn’t ignore for instance the pacing there was too much lag time between actions in the story. The fact that bad ass Charles the enforcer is rescued by his wife again. Let me explain the premises Charles and Anna recently married haven’t had time to truly enjoy their honeymoon period when duties as the Marrock’s representatives send them off to an important meeting in Seattle.As liaisons to a European group of werewolves as Bran still intends to move forward with his plans to reveal the existence of werewolves to the public. Anna and Charles function was there to discuss how best to ease their transition into the public eye with the best results among other things. Dana the mediator a grey lord and Charles’s ex-lover. That alone gave the story some scenes between ex-lover and the new wife, that part was entertaining. The (Dana) I’m better than you but he’s with me now (Anna) these women had going on as sized each other up in the most passive aggressive way of course. Coupled with the other elements of the story ( I don’t want to get into it and ruin all the surprises) I still wanted to leave room for the reader—that’s you, to discover parts of plot on your own and form your on opinion untainted by mine.You would think high octane ride right so let’s go but nah this part of the story the build up is slow cooking, and as pieces develop a murder becomes the key that leads to an unlikely place. Which just didn’t make any sense to me it just made the story cumbersome taking such a long way round. All the subplots seem didn’t connect seamlessly and felt like filler to get to the final chapters. Where the ending is anti climatic. The saving grace of Hunting Ground is the romance between Charles and Anna. The introduction of new characters and the window into another aspect of the fae world. All I’m going to say there’s a troll and a bridge.Anna had suffered at hands of her former Alpha ( and if you’ve read Cry Wolf then you will know why ) she has major trust issues and the residue of that life is evident at the beginning of the book her unease around Charles, doubts but as the story progresses we begin to see Anna finally accepting Charles (I feel a bit like peeping tom at times their interactions with each seem so intimate). As their mating bond develops though their not completely there I like that writer Briggs has given their relationship honesty by not rushing the process. Anna is evolving in a strong character capable of being Charles’s equal. Hunting Ground had moments where I couldn’t turn the page fast enough as well as times when I just wanted to put the book down. But because I couldn’t string enough moments together of the former to my liking I gave it 3.5 /5.http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/10/hunting-ground-review/