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Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega Series #1)

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs Cry Wolf picks up from right where the prequel, Alpha and Omega 0.5 On The Prowl : A Companion Novella to Cry Wolf, leaves off. I'm a big fan of Patricia Briggs books and when I discovered her spinoff series Alpha and Omega I was intrigued. I always wanted to see more of Charles, the enforcer of the Marrock. To me he always sounded like such a cool character. Cry Wolf's timeline is a few months behind. The Mercedes Thompson series so we get see the initial signs of the start of the strain on the wolves bond their pack magic that connects them to the Marrok. Charles one our main characters we see it when his control begins to slip and his struggle to maintain it.I loved the cover and originally it was the thing that drew me to pick up the book, but the story made me curious enough to purchase it. Charles is one of my favorite characters but his appearance in the Mercedes Thompson was too sparse for my liking that why I was ecstatic he was one of the main characters of the book. Where to begin--- we get to see the gentle side of Charles she unbalanced and intrigued him. Anna brought out this fierce protective nature in him and watching trying to keep it in check while not terrifying the hell out of her was a funny at times (at least to me ). Charles, as the enforcer of the Marrok's laws we get to see how lonely that life is. People are never happy to see him because it usually meant you were in trouble, going to be disciplined or dead. At the beginning of the book we see the toll it has taken on Charles. I think that's why he was so susceptible to Anna because she was like light in a grey sky. I love that Anna turns his world on its side she becomes so important to him in such a short time it confuses him. It was nice seeing him unbalance around her. Anna what made me like her was her spirit what she went through was enough to make someone crazy but she endured and still had the courage to change and fight for herself, and ultimately Charles as well. A little excerpt of what made her a kick ass character.“And that’s when Anna realized that what the wolf had been asking Bran for was death.Impulsively, Anna stepped away from Charles. She put a knee on the bench she’d been sitting on and reached over the back to close her hand on Asil’s wrist, which was lying across the back of the pew.He hissed in shock but didn’t pull away. As she held him the scent of wilderness, of sickness, faded. He stared at her, the whites of his eyes showing brightly while his irises narrowed to small bands around his black pupil.“Omega,” he whispered, his breath coming harshly.”The plot---the grizzly attacks that have the has M.O of rogue werewolves, the subplot with the witch Mariposa fatal attraction to Asil and more. Was so sad and frustrating because it just doesn't seem fair what happened to him. The pace did lag a bit but there was enough going on in the story to engage the reader. The characters are complex and full of contradictions I love the way Writer Briggs humanizes her characters yes this is fiction and the fantastical element in this case of world of werewolves. Sometimes you can forget until something happens. My only complaint was the pace it was a little laggy but all in all I enjoyed Cry Wolf and gave it four out five.