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The Lost Prince

The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa The Lost Prince was an entertaining read I loved the idea of this book a new enemy to face. Family drama in the form of Ethan’s abandonment issues with Megan, and subsequently the troubles with the fey that followed. Leaves Ethan with vigorous mistrust of all things fey, including his sister the Queen of the Iron fey. His relationship with Kirrean a mysterious fey boy and this new enemy that warns him to stay out of their way or suffer the consequences. All makes for interesting plot lines and some high emotion scenes. At the beginning of the story we are re-introduced to Ethan the catalyst of the Iron King his kidnapping is what starts Megan on her journey to Nevernever. Ethan was four yrs. old at the time he was held captive until Megan rescues him. Now seventeen it’s been 13 years since that terrible time. His life is very different—so is he, long gone is the sweet cute little boy. In his place a harsh teenager his facade to keep people away. Because the fey are always after him he’s learned to fight, and learned as much as he can about the Fey, as well as to how to keep them away. All these components mix into some good storytelling.I loved Ethan and could identify with his anger at the fey, at his family, at Ash all of it. Even though he broods a little too much and harps on about never having anyone too close ( though it's justified) that the fey could use against him, I still liked him. Kirrean was a blah character because as an iron abomination he’s really fey he moves and fights like one with the magic of a powerful fey, his only weakness the summer fey Annwyl. So he wasn’t interesting to me he doesn't have anything to overcome at least not in this story. The Lost Prince plot was great a an idea that wasn’t fully formed to me. The subplots were more entertaining all the family drama I wished there was more. Ethan’s interaction with Ash I wanted more. Megan’s guilt for severing ties with her human family she says it was to protect him (but he knows there’s more and his trip to Nevernever confirms it) great stuff I wished writer Kagawa had taken more advantage of these elements and shown a little more of them. The main plot itself in my opinion was not fully developed we knew three things for the 70% of the book. 1) There was a new enemy—which they knew nothing about not even their name for almost the entire book, geez that I didn’t like. 2) They had a Queen 3) They were coming back.Awesome sauce all that sounds intriguing but not so much when it takes until the final chapters to know anything. Also Kenzie Ethan’s love interest got on my nerves something awful. It would not be an exaggeration to say I hated her. I don’t know about you but if I guy kept insulting me and telling me to leave him alone. Normal human reaction is to shrink away or leave him alone and maybe try some more later if you are stubborn. But if he’s still telling you to "piss off " then you leave him alone, right. No not Kenzie she practically stalks him and in the end its like she forces her presence on him, which makes him feel responsible for her. She made some stupid decisions ( The Faery Ring) whatever Ethan advices her she does the opposite. To me that wasn’t realistic it made me look at Kenzie. She bugged me from the start something about her is off maybe she has ulterior motives for her actions so far she’s not telling. Personally she ruined the experience for me every time she opened her mouth she annoyed me made me want to put the book down a few times. Sure she’s brave and handles the Fey world better than I would but that is overshadowed by her annoying ways, maybe its cause she’s a reporter. I don't know but by the end of the book she grew on me like a fungus. I still don't like her at least the hate has subsided I guess if I was in her shoes I would be reckless maybe by the end of book 2 we'll be friends. To reiterate the main story of the new enemy was lack luster this world is already established so there we opportunities here to spread better bread crumbs, I didn't want to spend the majority of the book at lost. The fey weren't named until the final chapters. I would much have rather it been laid out like a murder mystery with clues that kept the reader informed but still unbalanced because no matter what you thought you knew you still didn't know everything. That's what I meant when I say it was a great idea that wasn't fully developed. Kenzie character is so unrealistic that I'm suspicious of her motives. Too many lost chances to introduce a character or scenario that would explain what Ethan was up against e.g an oracle or ancient text something.Those few cracks in the story is why I gave it a 3 out of 5.