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Ninth Key (The Mediator, Book 2)

Ninth Key - Meg Cabot What drew me to Suze was how relatable her character was she had no one (alive) to lean on. Who could she tell without sounding crazy it was bad enough the ghost made her life difficult if she tried to ignore them. I can imagine how I would deal Suze's dealt with it a lot better than I would. She does have her teenage moments when she makes stupid decisions in my opinion. Trying to please her mother her mentor. Her mom wants her to be normal and do regular teenage stuff go on dates and not see ghosts. I think deep down she's afraid Suze will end up like her father. And all of that is just an attempt to protect Suze. Father wants her save every ghost that darkens her doorway. I found myself annoyed at both of them a lot because all the pressure both were putting Suze under and of course she didn't want to disappoint to very important people in her life. Then there's Red didn't like him as Jesse though and it helped Jesse;s case that Tad was a murder suspect or at least that was what Suze spent a good portion of the book trying to figure out.Which leads me to the plot though most of it was Suze figuring out Tad's guilt, trying to make her mother happy, following her mentor Father Dominic's wish for to help all the ghosts that come to her, and trying to ignore what people though,said about her of course she fails. It starts with a message from a dead woman and leads Suze down a dangerous complicated path. There was some unexpected moments plot twist I wasn't expecting that smoothly introduced some new characters. I have to give Writer Cabot credit the transition was after a while it seem natural to have the characters there. The pacing fluctuated at times I couldn't turn the page fast enough then other moments when I struggled not to put the book down in search of something else . All in all I enjoyed Ninth Key it was better than the first. Suze was a little more developed as a character. The plot was more involved with new characters lead me to give Ninth Key a four out of five but the one thing I didn't like was the pace slow face slow face I'd prefer a more consistent pace through out. Below is a sample of the first chapter a little taste, enjoy.http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/09/ninth-key-review/