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Gentlemen Prefer Nerds

Gentlemen Prefer Nerds - Joan Kilby I loved that Gentlemen Prefer Nerds is a light read the romance between Maddie and Fabian was sweet, awkward and this book’s saving grace. Maddie’s an unassuming gemologist that gets entangled in a jewelry heist. Which she becomes suspect number one, so in order to prove her innocence and save her aunt’s shop, she follows the spy that warned her about the robbery. To find “the chameleon” the actual robber to get “The Rose” back. I was rooting for Maddie, to get “the rose” back and her man and by man I mean Fabian. Though some of the hijinks poor Maddie gets herself into makes for more than a few laughs, in the process what start out as a simple beneficial arrangement for both parties. Begins to turn into something more as attractions develop and lead to real feelings they both have to deal with wether either of them wants to admit it or not.But for me what turned me off was the introduction of the chameleon I didn’t find his character interesting at all more cookies cutter. With his introduction he blows apart Maddie’s life in one night, and if this wasn’t written fiction with writer Kilby controlling the outcome. Maddie would be sitting in a jail cell wondering how did this happen to me. That’s how good of a job he did of framing her. So I didn’t buy this whole escape from the cops and prove my innocence bit, because she’s a scientist except for some knowledge of the law due to her father’s constant inclination for breaking the law she was out of her depth even with Fabian’s help.And the “pretty ugly “girl routine classic reminded me of the movie She’s All That you know where you take off the glasses and let down the hair of the frumpy tomboy, underneath is a swan waiting to be discovered, cliched—though some are tried and true because they work but it made the story predictable. Ultimately I just didn’t buy it—a gemologist running from the cops to prove her innocence there just wasn’t enough structure in the story to make it plausible. For me to turn off my common sense and suspend any disbelief that Maddie and Fabian could outwit a master jewel thief and get the diamond (the Rose) back, ahh…not so much.Not that I didn’t try it was just too glaring. But having said that as I read the book and I enjoyed it while I was reading it. I was too busy trying to get to the next chapter to find out what happened next to really pay attention to the glitches of the story. It wasn’t until I had to put my thoughts into words that I began to see the things I didn’t think worked in the story and what did. The writing was itself was sound refreshingly funny at times, the setting was unexpected I would never thought of Australia as a local. The characters were fully formed except maybe Maddie so for these reasons I gave Gentlemen Prefer Nerds a three and a half stars.http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/09/gentlemen-prefer-nerds-review/#more-5518