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The Iron Wyrm Affair (Bannon and Clare Series #1)

The Iron Wyrm Affair (Bannon and Clare Series #1) - Disclaimer: I always try to be honest and impartial in my reviews my goal is not to tear down a writers work but to offer my most humble constructive opinions. Be it negative or positive it’s meant to be taken as such, after all these are just my opinions so please take it with a grain of salt.The beginning of the story is slow but intriguing the more I tip toe through the pages the more I want to know. Emma Bannon is a saucy complex character. In the first pages of this book you will either love her or hate her, its clear that she’s been through something traumatic that’s left a mark. You see it in her brisk business like attitude and sharp tongue, but there are moments where you glimpse the girl still inside the woman her playful smile, mischief in her eyes. These are the things that make you love or hate a character. Clare is a restrained learned man but he also possesses a childlike manner especially when he’s caught in deducing something that fascinates him. Just like many intellects of great measure he’s been cursed with singular focus, the science is everything. And all that matters is solving the puzzle the more intricate the better.Simple things like appearance and hygiene fall to the way side when caught up in deductions evident by the condition of his home when Emma comes to fetch him. There is a bit of fall from grace element to Clare visible in the state of his home, the clothes he wears are out of season well kept and a tad threadbare. Clare’s wit is sharp but he’s not a fighter he’s more a thinker and it shows. When thrust into situations of action he comes across bumbling clearly out of his element, but often manages to raise to the occasion. Still there are moments he surprises you and his character wins you over.Writer Saintcrow did a good job of putting these two oil and water characters together and making it work. Mikal Emma’s shield ( bodyguard ) through out the book the relationship between them the lines are blurry. Writer Saintcrow does a good job of building drama between these two. You get the impression Mikal loves her and at any moment if she wishes it he would tear her clothes off and make love to her, this confuses Emma. Not to mention the fact she doesn’t know if she can trust him after all he killed his former charge what’s to stop him from doing so again. So on a knife’s edge their relationship balances through the book, which makes for some interesting scenes and dangerous situations Emma places herself into. Then there is Victorix though young she’s shrewd and intelligent and also the new siting Queen of Britannia. As well the vessel of the spirit of Britannia that is powerful and old. These are just examples of the great characters in The Iron Wyrm as for characters Writer Saintcrow gets top scores.The Plot is simple people are dying, their country if not the world is danger and our heroes have to find the bad guys and stop them. What gives The Iron Wyrm Affair its compelling feel is the delivery in which the book is written. Like a chase sequence with pit stops (when the plot slows down) each lap a new discovery more insight to the big picture. And if you stand back at a distance it resembles a complex spider web. Londium is a world with collared indentures servants (the collars are used for discipline and insuring loyalty) flash boys (altered humans fitted metal mechanisms), mentathes (super smart humans), shields (bodyguards to sorcerers ) sorcerers, and whole hosts of interesting things don’t want to ruin all the surprises for you. Londium smells and sounds like a bleak place if you’re in the low classes,which most are. But in that bleakness there is beauty and dark places like Warkshaw, The Towers of Britannia it all ties in well. Once again Writer Saintcrow has brought to life another world that one could imagine.But with the good comes the bad among things that turned me off in this book for one is the dialogue, I know everyone makes mentions of this but one more time should drive the point home as a tweek for book 2. Writer Saintcrow’s attempt to embody these characters with the King’s english but instead the dialogue just reeks of hours spent watching Masterpiece theater and some Sherlock Holmes thrown in for good measure. The mentathes remind of junkies they needed to be constantly engaged in some puzzle, deduction or they would go mad, harsh didn’t like that. Like I said made sound like junkies that craved not drugs but knowledge. This may seem petty but some of the name of places, people, things were so made up that there showed a lack of imagination while other sounded plausible.The pacing picks up in the final chapters as we galloped to the end “the big tease” I call it. What turned me off build up to big conspiracy that reached the high ranking officials and even the Queen’s mother maybe involved if caught is treason. But it fizzles into this greed vs ambition thing. All of this great danger only to have an mediocre villain with petty grudge and an anti climatc ending. Don’t get me wrong there was a lot going on at the end and the alternative P.O.Vs of Bannon and Clare in which the book is written conveys that. But I could not with a clear conscious give this book a four star rating even though I liked it, I couldn’t get past the things that irked me with this book. So I gave The Iron Wyrm affair a 3.5 out of five for those reasons. Though I must state that I read the an arc copy so the published copy may not have the all the faults as the arc I mentioned.http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/09/the-iron-wyrm-review/#more-5320