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Chosen Ones (Lost Souls)

Chosen Ones - Tiffany Truitt For me it was a slow beginning with Chosen Ones quite honestly I’m not really a fan of the dystopian genre, but I’m hoping to change that by reading a few. Some of the titles I’ve read so far were good and others not. Thankfully Chosen Ones was in the category of the good ones. The concept that humans are near extinction is new, because usually in Dystopia its the world that suffers the harshest damage while humanity survives in pockets of civilization and slowly restocks the populous. Government plots, super soldiers, an infertile civilization and its only hope among them. Tess a young girl who’s suffered her fair share of disillusionments that explain a lot of her stand offish exterior.I like the fact that Tess is the last person you would expect to be humanity’s savior. She thought her sister was stupid knowing that sex equals death. She married, and died in painful childbirth which the child didn’t survive. Tess was actually mad at her sister for trying. To Tess her sister wasted her life and not even the bond between siblings could push through to Tess enough to show some compassion. I found Tess to be kind of a brat especially at her irritation at having to take her recently deceased sister’s place at Templeton for the reminder of her servitude. The incident with her sister showcased just showed you how dark the times had become in the harshness of this new world–emotions are a weakness. On the flip side it made her attraction to James ironic. I like the fact that romance was slow rising and they shared a connection through the arts, music and reading. Was a solid foundation to build on.The “naturals” aka human race have become basically indentured servants to the chosen ones (created humans) to earn their protection and lodging for an allotted time. And at the beginning of the story its seems like a for gone conclusion that that the chosen ones will inherit the planet once the naturals die out. And its here we find Tess who’s cynical and believes in nothing and just wants to finish her sister’s service to the Chosen Ones and be free. Writing dystopia there is a small window to verve to the left where it can become cartoonish. The writer does a good job of maintaining the balance between showing and telling which any good reader will tell is the corner stone of good writing. The pacing is good once you start reading it flows.What was maddening the fact that women were portrayed as wildly vixens with no control over the carnal desires, propaganda by the council to facilitate their own agenda, the naturals extinction. Doesn’t it take two to tango so why are the women painted with the scarlet letter. The pacing was good except for the moments when nothing was happening and I felt like skipping ahead. The ending sneaks up on you and taps you on the shoulder. The ending leaves you wondering there are so many questions. Robert identity is revealed, and after what Kendall tells Tess. I wonder what awaits James I have high hopes book 2.My wish list for book 2 more emotions from Tess after her breakdown at having to leave james behind, I found I liked her more. Please keep the mojo going by maintaining the compelling plot lines. And maybe have some conflict in the form of a rival or rivals for Tess’s affections. More about the council’s inner workings basically I want to see further down the rabbit hole. I gave Chosen Ones a three and half out of five, because even though the story was compelling and had a good premise. I couldn’t connect with Tess which deflated the romance element for me–because Tess spent so much time trying to hollow herself out. But by the end of the book I changed my mind the thing she’d been fighting against to feel her emotions she felt everything having the leave James behind. It took the ending to get me to there so that’s why.http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/07/chosen-ones-review/