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Good Bones

Good Bones - Kim Fielding Good Bones was a nice read. I asked myself as I was reading this book what would I have done, if I woke up one morning and found I had turned into a werewolf the night before. How would I deal?, and I think Dylan did a job of dealing with a bad situation. His logical approach of locking himself every full moon and when that proved to problematic. He searched for a more isolated solution I think that is how I would have handle it. What I liked about this story was the support system Dylan had in place. The fact he wasn’t dealing with his affliction alone. Even though a lack of that element would have provided some nice conflict.I didn’t miss it because the drama between Chris and Dylan was enough. Two people damaged by circustamnces obviously deep into to each but each fears of abandonment left a wall between them that Chris couldn’t see past and often lead to misunderstandings. And left Dylan constantly reassuring and apologetic. Just goes to show you even the big bad wolf has commitment issues. Dylan was my favorite character and I like his progression of awkward uncertain young man to the man who would protect his lover with his life, cause essentially that’s what he did. Andy wasn’t a bad villain but there could have been more of him in the story.Things I didn’t like the characters came off as a bit cookie cutter, Chris’s character some would say he’s multi fasciated. And its not improbable for a guy to be a “hot” red neck. That cooks like julia Child, reads Kurt Vonnegut, Jack London and still rugged enough to take a piss outside believable. But the mixture of hot red neck that reads Kurt Vonnegut don’t quite sell me, but it did make him interesting. Andy the villain’s end read as a last minute thought. Dylan and Kay’s interactions were so sweet but felt unrealistic at times. No fights, no disagreements now I’m not saying they had to go at each other like wrestlers, but an occasional hang up. When he wouldn’t listen to reason or silent treatment when Dylan deserved it would have been a nice balance. Geez Matty and Dylan’s I found more real she gave him more of a hard time than Kay and she loved him too.But I’m splitting hairs maybe it just my personality quirk. The sex scenes were rampant through out and hot as lava but I wanted to see more intimacy between them. I really got the feeling that was all their relationship consisted of. I know relationships in the beginning are based on attraction lust whatever you want to call it. But at some point the intimacy needed grow there were signs but not enough for me. Chris was constantly taking offense (an inferior complex no doubt born from a the early abandonment of his mother) and Dylan always apologetic and reassuring that got old after awhile.Even though my critiques seem harsh I did enjoy Good Bones but the story could have used more pages to tidy things up, Chris and Dylan’s relationship I was curious to see how they dealt with each other now that the secret was out of the bag, Rick and Kay’s good news I wanted to see the progression that would have warped things up more neatly since this is a stand alone book and not a series so I gave it a three and a half stars for those reasons.http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/07/good-bones-review/#more-5024