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Blackbirds - Chuck Wendig First impressions on the surface Miriam is a liar she’s brash surly booze drinking, a chain smoker and a promiscuous tease but it’s a facade . Thats what she wants you to think its a coping mechanism. If you dig deeper you will see the huge burden she’s carrying around, the chaos this gift has made of her life. If with a single touch you could see how someone was going to die. I wonder what condition your marbles would be in. But it’s not just the responsibility of knowing but the weight of the guilt as well. As she stood idly by while her marks die. She learnt a long time ago the price of intervention. At the heart of it Miriam is essentially a good person with an extraordinary affliction, curse, gift whatever you want to call. It runs her life.But even so she’s strong she’s learn to defend herself how to take a punch and to take chances. She gets into a spot of trouble while hitching a ride. The busts some heads kind of trouble when a good Samaritan intervenes and offers her a ride it’s this meeting that will change her life though she doesn’t know it yet. Despite Louis’s kind face she describes him as a serial rapist and a control freak, I love the internal dialogue she has with herself she’s so damaged a lost sheep. Makes me wonder what happened to her how did she get so jaded as read more a clearer picture of Miriam develops. Ashley’s introduction is explosive but after they have sex in the morning he turns into the ugly con man. Physically they match he makes her feels things she doesn’t the sex is always hot yet after she’s regretful then there’s Louis something about him gets past her defenses aside from the dying part she can’t stop thinking about him.Didn’t like Ashley he wasn’t my favorite. He had no scruples he threatens to expose her to the cops but when trouble turn up looking for him he throws her to the wolves. What turns me off is the fact he’s forcing her to steal which maybe the reason she dies. Miriam has standards and code she lives by and Ashley is forcing her to break it. He reminds of those guys who could charm your pants off with a smile but it’s that same smile that gets him and everyone around him very dead.Chuck Wendig writing is raw and refreshing I love the reality of his world even when including the extraordinary what Miriam can do. He soaks Miriam’s world in a soup of real world circumstances. He hold no punches when having a character express themselves the dialogue is witty laced with explicitives a bag of fun. I really enjoyed even the uncomfortable bits I gave it a four and half out five.http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/05/blackbirds-review/#more-4577