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Water Waltz

Water Waltz - Hayley B. James More than anything despite the adult theme I was drawn to the story. A world where angels and demons are in love with each other is silicious even blasphemy. Given what you’re taught in Sunday school demons bad angels good and the two shall never meet in between. But that is neither here nor there, at the beginning of the book the question that hung in the air was what happened between Triste and Varun. Triste’s reaction to Fremont and Varun’s relationship echoed what was once between them it was obvious they still loved each other. Secrets, lies,intrigue, assassination attempts set in an alternate world where humans are illegally trafficked and used as pets or sex slaves. After a devastating war that decimated the human populous and divided the species into separate countries inhabited by the demons, faeries, angels and humans. I loved the world’s mythology and it’s inner workings.What I didn’t like was surprise, surprise the descriptive sex scenes but I never do, the pacing it took awhile for things to heat up. Varun sudden 360 when Triste gets hurt okay I get it when someone you love gets hurt. Your pride is out the window all bets are off but the fact that they burned so fast through that wall Triste had put up over the past two years was ridiculous. Angels are weaker than humans what ? Any manifestation of angels in literature they are never weak in fact they are the opposite. The ending felt unfinished like there was at least another book in there.I would recommend this book if you are a fan of erotica, trashy romances with “heaving breasts” but kicked up twenty notches with a dose of paranormal romance. I really liked the demons I must say better than the humans the fact that the characters are gay fades into the background that is until the sexy time starts. There were a lot of saving graces to this book the pacing wasn’t one of them slow,slow, fast fast, slow slow remind me of a waltz ironically. If like you’re like me let the story pull you in don’t fight it, just read with an open mind. I gave Water Waltz a three and a half out of five. I loved the premises I just wish it was executed better.http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/05/water-waltz-review/