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Goddess Interrupted

Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter Last year I reviewed The Goddess Test and I thought it was okay when I reviewed it. I hoped the second book in this series would be much better. After all the first book was about establishing characters, world building and its mythology and so on. So I thought it can only get better from here. And honestly I wasn’t disappointed the story was much more compelling. Goddess Interrupted started out with a whole lot of action on her first day back in the Underworld. At her coronation to be crowned Queen. Kate is attacked, her husband is taken prisoner and she learns that her father in law (Cronus) wants to kill her or does he? And the person she thought was no longer a threat is behind it. Jealousy is something awful when a woman scorned plots vengeance. Needless to say Kate is having a bad day. Which only gets worst when she discovers she has to ask the last person the wanted for help.The ex, her sister Persephone, had such bad press I hated her on principal and I’m glad we got to hear her side of the story. Henry and Kate’s relationship was at times like two pals hanging out, throw in the emotional baggage of an ex we get conflict, conflict. But when the walls came down and it was just them no doubts or distractions it was really sweet I wish there were more of those moments. Speaking of hookups the gods have nothing on trash tv. Kate learns once you live long enough you get bored and things happen the hookups are juicy and read like a Jerry Springer episode. I love it made me want to read more there were a lot of good plot points to move the story so that when it lulled it wasn’t a big deal. Calliope made an excellent villain I hated and pitied her equally but the fact she was willing to go so far was pathetic but made the story better. I must say I it enjoyed immensely. continued....http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/03/goddess-interrupted-review/#more-3559