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Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1)

Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1) - Robin LaFevers Where to begin the entire concept of this book I fell in love with, the idea that these select women are born touched by St. Mortain god of death. His handmaidens of death and given “gifts” to do his bidding in Ismae’s case immunity to poison, the ability to sense death, see / see souls and feel their last moments. I’m not a fan of stories that have a historic element to them but I found myself getting into this one easy enough. The plot, the country of Brittany is at siege within and without from the French. Anxious to insight war they have cornered Brittany’s nobility, and back The Duchess into a corner leaving her scarily any place to turn for help. While court nobles are bought off left and right by the French it’s hard to know where loyalties lie which makes for good suspense because we the reader is just as much in the dark as the main characters. Let’s talk characters Ismae is no Mary-sue she’s strong and I love that about her. Despite all the troubles she suffered at the hands of her father and husband. Ismae is the kind of girl you want at your back in a fight, she’s worked hard to be who she is now. Her past trauma has left its mark, and its that vulnerability that draws Duvall to her like a moth to a flame. The romance between them is a slow burn which I like no insta-love here maybe insta-attraction but that’s normal. Duvall’s kindness to Ismae disarms her and short circuit her better senses, but not her intelligence at a girl.Ismae finds herself in crisis and I loved the fact that she trusted her own heart and stuck to her principals. Duvall as Ismae’s love interest has everything a woman should find appealing. Looks, manners, strength, he’s loving, unselfish and above all loyal. He’s there for her in a way no other man has ever been. When I started reading I didn’t know what to make of him. Duvall was very aloof but as I read Ismae and I both discovered that was a front and he was really kind and caring gentleman at heart. Duval was a great character intelligent and wise. His loyalty to his country and sister was impressive. Ismae’s and Duvall’s relationship was more believable because of its pace the ending was really sweet. Other characters I liked Beast, DeLornay (so sad), Sybella, and Annith. I can’t wait to see how Beast and Sybella story lines develop in the next book. Characters I didn’t like Madame Dinan and D’Albert I couldn’t stand them. I guess every book needs a good villain. The amount of twists and acts of betrayal spins my head ultimately I didn’t expect the betrayer, but makes for a good story.I hope this review is helpful if you’re interested in reading GM. I recommend Grave Mercy if you like historical fiction, romance or just looking for something different to read. Once you get past Ismae’s angst and a few eye rolling moments the story becomes more compelling. You’ll love this book I gave it a four out of five.http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/03/grave-mercy-review/