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Books are the most portable past time you can go on an adventure, fall in love, and save the world. The best kind of story is those that linger in your head days after you've finished the book. And that's what reading is for me the search for the next book that lingers in my head.

The International Kissing Club

The International Kissing Club - Ivy Adams Disclaimer –Don’t be frighten by the negative beginning keep reading it gets better. Remember bookies these are just my opinions so take it with a grain of salt, thanks.When I started reading this book I thought I made a mistake. I don’t want to make comparisons but it was shaping up to be another insipid substance-less bore with Piper’s whining it was annoying, but after about two chapters in. I started to see a real story begin to emerge. Each of the girls had their own set of issues to deal with. She did an awesome job of showing the different perspectives of each character, in the context of their family issues. A true depiction that anyone could relate to. Especially the tunnel vision and the “why me” syndrome everyone is guilty of at one time in their life. Where you feel like the world is just conspiring against your happiness— family dysfunction is universal, peer pressure, discovering who you are. For a debut author I think she did a smashing job cause trust me I’ve read some freshman novels that I thought should have never been published ok that was harsh that at least could have used some more fine tuning. For the rest copy past the link.http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/01/the-international-kissing-club-review/http://youtu.be/uMVsrA-AERA