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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn



Gone Girl left me an emotional wreck puling in two different directions. There is no question about  writer Flynn’s ability to turn a phrase. The dialogue is rich and steeped in realism. I read Amy’s thought process and though to myself this is a real person. Her descriptions of people, places and things draws you into the story. So as far as skill writer Flynn has it in spades.

Gone Girl is the portrait of “the” golden couple Nick and Amy Dunne. And the subsequent collapse of their relationship after years of marriage. When “awesome Amy” she is dubbed discovers her husband has been cheating, Amy takes a dark path to teach cheating hubby a lesson. Two things leave an impression on me in this book. Amy’s dark side the cold calculative-ness of her personality. Nick distance towards her. I wonder did all the mind games she played with his head over the years. Just eat away his love for her or was he ever in love or lust. Gillian Flynn does a marvelous job of taking the reader on this journey through a broken marriage.

Still reading Gone Girl was an experience for my emotional antenna. Which was pointed on pissed a lot of this book. The characters though realistic and flawed. Irked me of all the reason, and the elaborate way Amy goes about getting even. “Old testament style” seems like a lot of work. That really takes a certain personality.

At the beginning of the book the main question was.  Do you believe Amy’s husband killed her? The first half of the book the Nick is painted as a man with secret–that perhaps he’d killed maybe the reason he killed his wife. After all you see it on the news all the time seemingly loving husband murders wife to be with lover.  And as you read Amy’s diary entries you can’t help but feel Nick had what was coming to him. By the second half I was wondering  What a monster Amy was. How could she plan such an elaborate scheme to teach Nick a lesson in such a brutal way? By the end I thought what a ride.

After reading this book I asked myself could I hate someone that much because he cheated on me. Could I have gone that? Writer Flynn character of Amy is complex and simple. Nick is typical man with commitment issues but he tried Amy was just the wrong choice. The plot is rich with details and substance. Gone Girl I recommend if you like suspense, characters with meat on their bones. It’s perfect for book clubs for the rich content and characters especially Amy whose the kind of character that evokes ire and heated discussions at any book club meet.  I gave Gone Girl a four out five though the writing is superb, detailed and awesomely flawed characters. But for me the premises is too weak inspire such an vicious intricate planning on Amy’s part. So it lost some plausibility there. Since this is an adult book ages I recommend 18+ . Some of the dialogue is a bit mature for young readers.